Heinz Corporate Logo

Basic Configuration

The Heinz Corporate Logo serves to identify the global operations of H.J. Heinz Company. In the process, it has become one of the world's most familiar symbols and expresses imagery of tradition and high quality.

The mark has three basic roles, each of which is corporate.

  • It serves as primary identification for World Headquarters and all Heinz-named affiliate companies.
  • It is used as a principal endorsement for non-Heinz-named affiliate companies.
  • It is used as a corporate endorsement on products provided by all worldwide company affiliates on a selected basis.

The Heinz Corporate Logo is not to be altered in any way and should be applied only as outlined in this website. The Heinz Corporate Logo is not to appear as a brand mark.

With the exception of the "Outline Version", the Heinz Corporate Logo should always appear in its basic version (solid keystone shape, negative "Heinz").

Color is a vital element of identification with respect to the Heinz Corporate Logo. Therefore, whenever possible it should appear in Heinz Red (solid keystone shape, negative Heinz text, (PANTONE® 485). Where Heinz Red is not available, black may be used, or if appropriate, Heinz Gray (PANTONE® 409) should be selected. See Colors section below for further guidelines on the application of color to the logo.

The Heinz Corporate Logo is not to be screened or tinted and the minimum size for its reproduction is 1.2 cm(1200mm) in the width of its extremities. Sizes when given are measured at the widest points.

Appropriate clearance should always be given around the Heinz Corporate Logo. See example to the right for the correct spacing guidelines. The spacing shown is the minimum spacing required and should not be altered.

Configuration Control

While the Heinz Corporate Logo may be reproduced in any feasible size (1.2 cm or larger), in order to preserve both its recognition value and legal protection, its shape may not be altered.

The logotype element is not to be removed from the keystone; the keystone may not be redrawn, nor is it permissible to replace the keystone logotype with one of another letter style. Likewise, other modifications of the Heinz Corporate Logo shown here are not permissible.

Incorrect Logo Usage

To protect the integrity of the Heinz Corporate Logo, it must not be altered or modified in any way. Illustrated below are practices which are prohibited when using the logo.

  1. Do not use the Heinz keystone by itself or as a graphic design element.
  2. Do not use a different typeface for the logotype.
  3. Do not alter the proportions of the logo.
  4. Do not reproduce the logo in different colors.
  5. Do not place the logo on a visually distracting background.
  6. Do not combine the logo with any other logo.
  7. Do not place the logo within text.
  8. Do not reproduce the logo as a screen or a texture.






Color Control

Color plays an important role in the development of the Heinz Corporate Identity and overall Identity Standards. The color red has long been associated with Heinz and, as a result, has become an important element of the Corporate Identification. Heinz Red (PANTONE® 485) has been chosen to be the official corporate red of Heinz. It is essential that this red be reproduced faithfully to the established standard.

The supporting color to Heinz Red in the Heinz Corporate Identity is Heinz Gray (PANTONE® 409).

See examples to the right for other acceptable color choices.

Corporate and Promotional Colors

A palette of secondary or promotional colors has also been developed for use.

The vast communications requirements of Heinz make it equally useful to maintain a palette of secondary or promotional colors that establish a proprietary "look" for a broad range of media, from packaging to merchandising publications. Standardization of the Corporate and Promotional Colors helps to maintain consistent impressions on collateral material and assists in establishing an overall Heinz "family" appearance.

While the use of the promotional colors shown here is preferred, you are not limited to their use. When other colors are used, they should be selected with the specific task in mind and be appropriate in representing Heinz.

Colors selected from both palettes should be carefully matched and used consistently.



Background Control

Ideally, the Heinz Corporate Logo should be applied to a clear, light background, regardless of the nature of the medium - whether it is paper, electronic, signage or architecture. Realistically, this is not always possible. In situations where colored or patterned backgrounds occur, the following guidelines should be observed in order to ensure optimum visual strength and visual impact for the Heinz Corporate Logo.

Background colors should be neutral and should not compete with the color of the Heinz Corporate Logo. In print applications, colored tints no stronger than 10% to 30% should be used.

It is preferred that the Heinz Corporate logotype within the logo always be white. The exception to this guideline would occur when printing the Heinz Corporate Logo on colored stock. This guideline also applies to the Heinz Corporate Logo with Tagline.

Use on Colored Backgrounds

For purposes of consistency, the Heinz Corporate Logo has been designed in a single positive/negative form: the containing keystone shape is always positive and the Heinz logotype is always negative.

The Heinz Corporate Outline Logo was developed for situations when it is necessary to further define the Heinz Corporate Logo against a strong background color.

The Heinz Corporate Outline Logo is intended for limited use, as shown in the examples here and in the situations listed below:

  1. Where the background color is Heinz Red, creating a problem in visually separating the Heinz Corporate Logo from the background.
  2. Where the background color has a value that would make the shape of the keystone poorly defined.
  3. Where the background color is incompatible with one of the colors authorized for use for the Heinz Corporate Logo.

The same guidelines outlined for use of the basic Heinz Corporate Logo with respect to size, color, surrounding area, etc. also apply to the outline version.